Day 09–Friday, May 29 (Cultural Dinner)

I left off with “I’ll post about tonight’s festivities, tomorrow. I’m sure it will be memorable.”

It was.

We ventured out on the bus and off to the cultural dinner. I’ve never been a part of anything quite like it. They make sure you have enough to drink. We started with a shot of herbal liquor–their specialty. And then begin filling the wine glasses with these odd contraptions, a picture at the top and long rod/straw out the bottom where the wine flows out of. A guy continually walks around filling glasses.

We had something like potato salad but warm, and then skewers of different meat and veggies in a second course. The music began almost right away but the show did not begin until somewhere around the second course.

This show: part talent show, part America’s Got Talent, part variety show was fast paced and had audience participation. Nancy, Eric, Fr. Jay, Sam, Dave and Sally all were asked to join in the fun at one point or another. The pictures are priceless. It was hysterical.

We ended the night with a crepe and ice cream, a champagne of sorts and then the short walk to the bus which I’m still not sure how Hans parked in where he parked. That guy is amazing.







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