Day 05–Monday, May 25

Schlagl::tour Schlagl Abbey/drive to Vienna (3.5 hour drive)/hotel in Vienna

_MG_3489We began today at Schlagl Abbey Guest House. It is charming and set in an idyllic landscape in Austria–many Tour participants found themselves inspired to sing “…the hiiiills are aliiiiive, with the sound of muuuuuusic!” Ironically, not in German.

The Abbey provided a lovely breakfast and tour of the buildings and brewery, which was closed–but I’m told Eric had something to do with getting us in there (thanks Eric).


The Abbey has the guest quarters, church building (another stunning Baroque/Roccoco building with every inch covered in something interesting to look at), art space and historical spaces, the library, a catacomb-type area under the building, the brewery and more.


We were fortunate enough to walk through the church while the choir was practicing a rather beautiful arrangement. Incredibly talented singers participate there. And to see their beautiful collection of art, that has a great story of its own.

After a short walk to the brewery we ventured into, around and under the building–even being treated to an unusual video and mirror installation about the beer company, and down on the floor to see the production line._MG_3710

We ate lunch there and then headed off to our hotel in Vienna.

3.5 hours later we arrived. I nearly had a heart-attack because, although Hans is an amazing driver, he had to get a tour bus into one-way side streets with parked cars on one side and only about a foot of clearance on the other.


We were on our own for dinner–several small groups ventured out into the city to do whatever seemed interesting to them. I’m sure we will all share stories tomorrow.

Tonight we settle in and have a late start tomorrow. We will be in the same place for a few nights. Except for the entire country’s internet being down when we got here, according to the girl at the front desk, all is looking well now. I have, what seems to be reliable internet finally…so I’ll post as many pictures as I can.

Tomorrow we go on to Geras Abbey, and have a dinner in the wine villiage of Neustift am Walde.


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